Royal Television Society to showcase Arrow's innovation

Royal Television Society to showcase Arrow's innovation
6 August 2020

In a new online session, the Royal Television Society is showcasing how Arrow found innovative ways of working emerging from the constraints of Covid – new methods that can bring about long-lasting benefits.

Covid brought most production to a halt in March. But Commissioners, and viewers, still want fresh content. In the online sesson AI in Lockdown: An Indie's Innovation, we will talk about how we addressed the uncertainties of lockdown by convening a virtual task force from every level of the company to brainstorm innovative ideas. Our top priority was to consider our assets – over 4,000 hours of rushes and completed series from both the Arrow Media and Arrow Pictures' archives which could be examined and catalogued to create new programmes. The sheer size of the task seemed insurmountable, so our solution was to invest in AI, which could both interpret the images and even identify faces, people and locations.

Our panel will share the story of how the company managed the resulting new ways of working, whilst still continuing to question established practices and processes, to both deliver new programming as quickly and effectively as restrictions allowed and maintain the high quality of content for Arrow is so well known.

Do join us to find out more on Wednesday 19 August at 5.30pm. To reserve your place click here.