RTS To Host Brian Cox: Seven Days On Mars Event

19 May 2022
Brian Cox to join panel to discuss production of upcoming BBC programme

The Royal Television Society, the oldest television society in the world, is to host an exclusive event to discuss Brian Cox: Seven Days On Mars, the upcoming BBC Two, feature-length, doucmentary from Arrow Media.

Hosted by Ash Potterton the programme's Executive Producer, he will be joined by its presenter, Professor Brian Cox CBE and its director Michael Lachmann to discuss their approach to filming such a unique event, the background to gaining this special access, and the technical and editorial challenges of bringing such an exciting story to life.

Back in 1980 twelve-year-old Brian Cox wrote to NASA asking for photos from some of their missions to the planets. The images they sent him from Voyager and the Viking mission to Mars inspired him to become the physicist he is today.

Brian Cox: Seven Days On Mars, gives Professor Cox the chance to visit NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab to witness the workings of the Mars mission as it guides the Perseverance rover and the Ingenuity helicopter (the first powered aircraft we have ever sent to another planet) across the surface of Mars. This landmark television event, follows Professor Cox’s visit as, just over a year after touching down on the red planet, Perseverance embarks on the most demanding part of its mission to date – striking out at ‘top speed’ for the sites most likely to reveal signs of life.

The online event takes place on Wednesday 8 June, 18:00 – 19:00 GMT - tickets are available here.