Discovery+ announces Arrow Media's 'Happy Face Killer'

Discovery+ announces Arrow Media's 'Happy Face Killer'
5 July 2021
Discovery+ announces that Arrow Media's feature-length documentary will stream from Monday 19 July

Arrow Media's crime brand Mind of a Monster continues to grow with the transmission of its next feature-length documentary, The Happy Face Killer.

This two-hour film takes an in-depth look at an iconic American serial killer case from the 1990s. In 1995 when the body of a woman is found in Clark County, Washington, local detectives quickly apprehend long-haul truck driver Keith Jesperson. A series of increasingly disturbing revelations suggest Jesperson’s true identity is that of the serial murderer known only by his nickname, the Happy Face Killer. Detective Rick Buckner plays a deadly game of cat and mouse with Jesperson to prove he is the Happy Face Killer and make sure he is apprehended before he kills again.

The Happy Face Killer airs on Discovery ID on Sunday, 18 July at 10pm ET, prior to its launch on discovery+.